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  1. Do these things before your roofer comes to keep your home in line!

    September 9, 2014 by Caroline Yates

    Many people forget that even a roofing project is a significant construction project that might disrupt your life a little bit. You should not be afraid of starting a roofing project because of this, but it is important to keep in mind that your life might be a little disrupted for a few days. Taking care to prepare yourself for this mentally and as well as physically preparing your home for a roofing project can save you a headache down the road as you deal with the roofers coming and working on your home. After all, getting the job done as effectively as possible is the ultimate goal; set yourself up for success and do these things ahead of time to help make your new roof a success!

    1. Take care of your breakables: If someone is working on your roof, you are going to feel your home shake and move a bit. That is the nature of someone hammering on the top of your house; the rest of it is going to move a bit. This is not a bad thing, but can prove damaging if you leave your best china in the china cabinet unprotected, or if you leave that piece of fine art that you love hanging on the wall throughout the process. Common sense dictates that this just will not end well. Take your breakables down for the project and put them up again when it is all done so that you will not have worry about broken pieces.

    2. Cover all your outdoor areas before construction begins: People on your roof may drop things into your yard; it just might happen. If even they do not mean to, sometimes things will slide and fall off. By covering up your water features, hot tubs, pools, accent ponds, and other features, you are protecting them from falling debris that may come off your roof during construction. This includes other objects as well, like lawn furniture, potted plants and your cars. Move all your outdoor potted plants indoors for the duration of the project. Park your cars away from your driveway and out of harms way. This way you will not have to fish little bits of roof out of your pool when the project is completed.

    3. Cover items your attic and your garage if they do not have a ceiling: When a roofer comes to do a project, they cannot just cover everything back up and leave it over night. Nor can they usually accomplish a big project in just a day. That is why you need to set yourself up for success by covering up all items in areas where the roof will be repaired. This way none of your belongings get damaged during the construction process and you are left in the clear, with no damage or debris on items in these areas.

    4. Don’t forget to leave your driveway clear: The roofers have to load the shingles and other supplies somewhere! Your driveway is their access point, so be sure to clear out the area so the roofers can get in more easily.

    Follow these guidelines and your roofing project will go off without a hitch!

    JK Roofing

    13551 W. 43rd Dr.

    Unit J

    Golden, CO 80403

    (303) 425-7531


  2. Christie Overhead Doors is the Best!

    August 30, 2014 by Alex Savage

    garage doors

    Have you ever found yourself in a tough design situation? There are going to be a whole lot of moments in your life where you have to decide one thing over the other, especially when it comes to improving the look of your home or business. For example, you might ask yourself what is going to complete the look of the interior of your home or business, hardwood floors or neat and trimmed carpeting? Or, it could be something so basic as to what kind of colored towels you are going to use in the bathroom, or something along the lines of getting curtains or blinds for each set of windows in your home or business. Many of these decisions might seem simple at first, but design elements can play a major factor into giving your home or business your desired look. Regardless of what kind of upgrade you are making to your home or business, always make it a point to think about the overhead doors for your building as well, because most of everyone drives a car! And if you’re looking for only the best quality and outstanding customer service and interaction, get your new garage doors from Christie Overhead Doors!

    First, to kind and capable people at Christie Overhead Doors will be more than happy to show you all available options for your home or business when it comes to a new system of garage doors. If you have a certain leaning toward a style, such as an elegant and rustic wooden door, the friendly staff at Christie Overhead Door will give you all available options to choose from. Not only will they offer you many great selections when it comes to your home, but they will also let you see what the door looks like before installing it in your home! You see, they can digitally image and design each and every one of their overhead doors onto an image of your home, so you won’t have to wait until the door itself is actually installed! This not only brings relief to you, the customer, but it also lets you know what to expect from a finished job. With Christie Overhead Door, you won’t get any unexpected surprises!

    If you’re looking for something truly one of a kind however, Christie Overhead Door also offers a full custom service for any home or commercial space! From the ground up, they will be able to fully customize and design a new overhead door to your exact specifications. Do you want a specific design on your overhead door? Perhaps you want an intricate glass and metal framing system on your overhead door? With any kind of task presented to them, Christie Overhead Door will not only utilize their handy and trusted craftsmen skills, but they also incorporate their sense of design and personal touch to each project.

    With all of this in mind, know what whatever task you need completed for your next overhead door project, Christie Overhead Door is going to be your one-stop location for all things garage door related!

  3. What premiere shades and blinds are best for you?

    August 28, 2014 by Caroline Yates

    When picking out blinds and shades, making the decision thoughtfully and carefully is important. After all, you could end up at a showroom completely overwhelmed by all the options and end up choosing a type of blind and shade that really does not fit your needs the way that you hoped that it would. There are so many different options that working with a blinds and shades expert will really help you narrow down your options and settle on the one that is best for you. can be especially daunting when you are examining products that are of really high quality and which you know you will love regardless of which one comes home with you. When examining all the different innovative style and feature options that Hunter Douglas shades and blinds has to offer, working through each step by step is a great way to make sure that you select the right one for you. Think about the features that are most important to you in a set of blinds and shades and let those features guide your decision making!

    1. Eco-Friendly Options: The Duette Architella honeycomb shade system is specifically set up to maximize the energy that the sun already puts out. After all, why waste perfectly good energy when we are in such a time of energy crisis in our world! The Duetter Architella shades are shaped like honeycombs so that specifically keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. There are, of course, a number of different options available to customers who want to customize their shades and make them easier to open or lower in anyway. If your goal is a beautiful shade with the dual purpose of better insulating your home, then the Duette Architella shades are the right choice for you.

    2. Lighting: Some blinds and shades do a great job of blocking out sunlight. In these cases, the sunlight is an unwanted guest rather than a very loud friend who simply needs to be handled appropriately. Instead of shutting the sunlight out altogether, work with the sunlight and disperse it throughout a room in a way that lights the room without allowing it to become overbearing. That is the beauty of Hunter Douglas’s silhouette window shadings that disperse sunlight evenly throughout a room.

    3. Make the room glow: Again, some blinds and shades work with the end goal of simply blocking out the sunlight. This proves to be largely ineffective and also makes for a room that is just full of dark spots. Hunter Douglas shades utilize sunlight in a beautiful and useful way, especially when you go with their Luminette vertical sheers. These shades are much like draperies and their material allows you to bask in the glowing light of the sun in your home. Plus, the shades are thick enough to allow for some privacy too!

    It is easy to see that whatever your shades and blinds needs are, Hunter Douglas shades are the way to go! When you choose Hunter Douglas, you will be able to make the best decision for you and your home!

  4. The right window treatments can save you money.

    August 28, 2014 by Keanu R.

    When you look at older houses you come to find that they incorporate many of the natural touches better than the houses that are being built right now.  Now we have air conditioning and all of these other kinds of things to make the environment just as we would want it.  Back then, they did not have much of anything.  They could not just turn on the AC to make the house cooler, so they had to come up with other things to do to make sure that the house did not overheat during the summer.  As a result, they did a great job of taking into account many of the local and natural factors that would either make the house warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer.  Of course, it is much easier to make a place warmer than it would be to make it cooler.

    window coveringsTo make the houses more habitable, they would often be built according to where the sun would be in the sky.  The houses would add many awnings on the second floor to protect the first floor from light in the summer and allow for the light to come in during the winter.  It was a great plan and many of the houses that are still around have a really cool look about them as a result of this strategy.  Nevertheless, many of the houses that we have built recently do not have this kind of support.  Consequently, we have to look toward different kinds of shades and shutters to keep the sun out in the summer and encouraging it to come in during the winter.

    In looking for my home, I found that Hunter Douglas makes the best shutters. They have the ability to completely shut out the sun during the summer, but when you open them in the winter, it allows for a pretty warm sun to come through and heat the house.  That is the case in Colorado at least.  With this knowledge, I decide to do some of this work to make sure that I could save on some of the energy costs that I would be incurring.  They actually did a great job.  The Hunter Douglas blinds that I got for my dining room do a great job of allowing the sun in during the winter, but blocking it in the summer.  During the summer, I would say that it is probably the difference of five degrees and when you think about it, that is a good difference because of the shades.  The Hunter Douglas shutters I got for the bathroom do a similar good job in letting the sun in during the right times, but allowing for me to block it when I see necessary. I was able to get both at Window Happenings and I am thankful that I was able to work with a good staff that was able to help me throughout the process.  They made it really easy for me to choose the right blinds for me.

  5. The Best Flight Airline Training School is Flight Training International.

    August 27, 2014 by Ben

    flight airline trainingThough a lot of people never consider it, the airline industry is a major part of the economy and a major employer.  There are jobs related to customer service, maintenance, and various other aspects of making airline travel possible.  Clearly, the whole industry would not be possible without pilots, though.  Becoming a pilot is something that a lot of young people aspire to, but it is also a very challenging process to complete.  The first step, of course, is to undergo the training necessary to obtain a pilot’s license, but even that is not enough to certify you to be an actual commercial pilot.  A pilot’s license just lets you fly small planes, for your own purposes.  In order to be a commercial pilot, you need to complete flight airline training, and the best flight airline training school is Flight Training International.  Completing flight airline training is not easy, but it definitely has some rewards, if you can make it through the grueling and difficult process.

    Though piloting, in a general sense, tends to be something that people seek out because it is enjoyable and fascinating.  Of course, once you go to the next level, by trying to become a commercial pilot, piloting goes from being a hobby to a career.  Flight airline training is one process by which the people who are not committed enough are weeded out.  One aspect of flight airline training that you should be aware of are the official certifications that go along with it.  Obviously, like any other field, being a commercial pilot requires a certain degree of official certification.  Because each type of aircraft is so complicated and unique, you even need to get a separate certification for each aircraft you are going to be flying professionally.  These certifications, known as type ratings, are the main requirements for becoming an employable commercial pilot.  Since there are many different kinds of aircrafts, there are many different type ratings, but some of them are far more commonly needed than others.  If you really want to have piloting be your career, you should examine which kinds of aircrafts are being used the most and will continue to be used, in the future.  All commercial pilots must have at least one of these type ratings, and a lot choose to get several, so they will be more employable.

    Picking which type ratings to get certified in is a fairly simple process, though you do need to do your research.  Different aircrafts are used by different airlines, and for different types of flights.  That being said, there are a few basic types of aircraft that comprise the majority of the planes used in the United States.  Airbus aircrafts are one type of plane that are incredibly common.  The Airbus a320 is a smaller plane that is mainly used for short-range flights.  So, if you are trying to be a domestic pilot only, an a320 type rating may put you in the best position possible, in terms of employment.  On the other hand, if you do not mind flying a bit further, the a330 is good, too.

    Flight Training Intl.

    3401 Quebec St.

    Suite 9150, Denver, CO 80207

    Enroll: 1-303-329-0999

    Toll Free: 1-800-233-0050



  6. 7 Selling Tips Towards Ranches That are For Sales

    August 24, 2014 by Keanu R.

    Whether you are new to selling real estate properties like land or ranches for sale, everyone could make use a few tips to stay on top of the real estate game.  Real estate industry is a very tough industry to be in.   One needs to be prepared for the challenges ahead.  Here are simple guides to help you in this industry.

    montana ranches for sale

    ranch sunset

    1.  First thing to remember is that YOU are a business.  Real estate agents work for a broker, but they are independent and commissioned-driven sales people.  Having a ranch for sale in your list to be sold means that you are running a small business and you must use your practice to your business.  Again, you have to remember that you are a small business owner.

    2.  Have a planning attitude.  If you don’t plan ahead of time, then you could be on someone else’s plan – more often than not, they are the successful real estate agents who are your competitor.  Most people place more value in planning a vacation or to the grocery store than planning their personal or professional lives.

    3. Do a research on your market plan.  As a real estate agent you are responsible towards your own expenses.  Do your research specific to the marketing plan within your strategic plan in reference to the ranch for sale you are trying to sell.  The time spent in making your marketing plan is absolutely well spent.  Take note that a business plan is data drive, whereas a strategic plan recognizes who does what by when.

    4.  Establish your sales goals.  Using a strategic plan, make a sales goal.  If you are new to the real estate industry, it may take you 6 months before you can get your first sale towards ranches for sale.

    5. Make a financial budget.  Setting up a budget is very critical given the up and down of this fickle market place.  The financial budget should include planning for the marketing cost for the ranches for sale including any additional cost and the forecasted income.

    6.  Prioritize yourself.  Having a business is not an easy thing to do.  You must learn how to manage yourself especially with time management.  Ongoing real estate business like selling properties, there are some ranches for sale that might need some special business training coaching since some ranches are far from the city.  Real estate industry is said to be a tough business.  It is important not to lose focus of your personal life like your family and friends.

    7.  Find a real estate coach or mentor.  Doing it all alone is not going to be easy.  Find the time to get a mentor who can guide you get back through some of the known obstacles to help you especially during the very tight competition.  If you have the right resources especially for that ranch for sale that you are trying to sell to a prospective client, you may still want to hire a real estate mentor or a coach who specializes in land properties to help your small business and contribute in the sales.

  7. To repair or to replace? That is the window question.

    August 21, 2014 by Caroline Yates

    When you find yourself with a window that is broken in some way, you must ask yourself the very important question: do I attempt to repair this window, or should I simply replace it? It can be very tricky to figure out which of these options you should go with, especially since there are so very many ways that you can make your windows look good as new. When working to figure out the answer to this question, there are quite a few things that you should keep in mind, but one of the most important things to remember is to work with a trustworthy window repair and replacement company. Here in Denver, your best option for an excellent window repair person is Lifetime Window and Siding. They know the ins and outs of windows and siding here in Denver and the surrounding areas and are the best company to go to with your windows and siding questions!

    http://www.hailproofsiding.comSome of the most common window problems are fairly easy to identify. For example, there is broken glass, a damaged window frame, or a leaking window. These are very obvious window problems that are easy to notice and fairly simple to resolve. Other issues that are a little less common include problems with windows fogging and windows sticking. In the former, you may imagine that the issue will simply go away. However, when the fogging occurs between the panes, this fog does not disappear so easily. In addition, windows that stick may be tricky to notice as well. Not everyone opens their windows everyday, and by the time you notice the problem of the window sticking, it may be too late to do anything about it. The best part about working with Lifetime Window and Siding is that when you buy your windows and siding from them first, they offer a unique service guarantee for their products, so you know that you will get the help you need whenever you need it. They can still be of use to people who are struggling to decide whether to repair your window or to replace your window.

    At Lifetime Window and Siding, they can walk you through the right decision. Sure, they can repair any window, but whether or not this is the right course of action for you is another question altogether. For example, let’s say the issue is with a single pane window. If that window is broken, it can certainly be repaired but it would save you money to simply make a replacement with a better window, like a double pane or triple pane window. Another common issue that crops up is that a wooden window frame has sustained damage due to repeated exposure to water. In a case like this, while the frame can be repaired, it indicates that perhaps the other frames in the home are also ready to go. In these cases, it is wiser to simply replace the window frames to take care of the issue in one fell swoop!


    August 12, 2014 by Sonny Andrew

    Today, the pager is used in such a wide variety of different services, both public and private. The pager is an intricate part of many fields where there is a need to constantly be connected between one person and another or one office and another. Pager use is wide-spread in the emergency services sector. Hospital and fire emergency services are only a few of the hundreds of establishments that depend of staff pager systems to keep the staff and the situation on a close hand basis. It is enough just to note this incredible trust on the pager, to realize the size of the responsibility that corporations and individuals place on their pager systems. Besides the emergency industry, there is another fast growing field where pager systems are heavily employed in order to make services smoother and business better; the restaurant industry.

    Following the trend of the pager system, we can predict what the pager might be used for in the future. The first area that seems to be on the brink of a pager systems take over is the childcare industry.  The idea is an easy one to understand; parents of young children who use daycare services would be given a emergency device to notify them if there is any need to contact the daycare provider immediately. This is both a huge plus for the parent, as well as the daycare site. On the side of the parents, there is an increase in the feeling of trust and closeness with the daycare center. There is a boost of familiarity between the client and the business. On the other side, for the daycare, they can count on an additional tool to contact the parents in case of trouble, which means they can operate their business with more calm and self-assurance. If trends in this area continue, it is reasonable to think that in the next five years, all major daycare centers will provide their customer with a free pager system.

    The next area that is sure to be impacted by the world of guest pager services in the future is the world of banking. People have a hard time with their banks hours and it can cause a lot of friction between the bank and its clients. The idea of using a pager system in order to let customers know when they are supposed to come in to the bank to pay a bill or sign papers could change all that. In addition to notifying the bank‘s customers about their banking obligations, this new application could also server to make banking more personal by implementing a system of alerting the banking customer to prescheduled banking appointments, thus cutting down on bank waiting time and increasing the banks potential number of customers that can be seen in the day, a win-win situation for both bankers and bank users.  The use of pager systems in the banking industry could help put an end to long lines and unhappy banking experiences and give people a whole new perspective on the idea of banking.

  9. Use HVAC website design to turn viewers into customers.

    August 11, 2014 by Beth Cantrell

    It seems like everybody these days has a website. Even if that person doesn’t necessarily have a business they may still have a website that details what they do. Maybe they are a musician and want to post their YouTube videos. Maybe they are a poet or writer and want to write their musings. Maybe they are a yoga teacher and want to post blogs and various HVAC website designstudios in which they are working. It does indeed seem like you don’t really need a reason to have a website any more. Since more and more people have websites and more and more people are spending time on line the more and more picky people are getting about the way a website looks and feels. That is why it is so important to make sure you are making a website that will use language that shows the strength of your organization and also language that a search engine will pick up on when proper keywords have been entered. But this is a lot of work and can be a lot to think about if you don’t know how to do this already. That is why HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) Marketing Gurus is here to help you.

    With a ton of digital marketing expertise HVAC Marketing Gurus is equipped to help specifically with your HVAC business. By marrying their extensive expertise with their knowledge of HVAC companies they are able to provide for you an excellent resource to get your company on line and seen by many so those viewing your website will eventually become paying customers. With their amazing HVAC website design services they will make sure your website looks and feels amazing.  On top of that no matter how amazing your website looks if you don’t use the proper HVAC search engine optimization (SEO) then you aren’t going to get the vast majority of people that you deserve to get. That is why enlisting the services of HVAC Marketing Gurus is so important because they will bring in clients for you. Based on research they know what users are looking for and they want to make sure that you are showing folks what they want to see.

    Through Marketing Gurus extensive experience they have determined a few things about what makes a website bring in business for your company.

    1. Creates a hybrid between the function, the user friendly-ness, and the art of the website so it looks amazing but is easy to use.

    2. It will grab the attention of the user in 7 seconds or else they will make a snap judgement on your business. Pressure!

    3. Works well on any device, including and especially on phones and tablets. This is an easy way for folks to exit out of your website.

    4. Gives you clear information on what you need to do and who you need to contact. No one wants to work too hard so let’s make it easy for people!

    All of this HVAC Marketing Gurus can help you with so your website will be able to turn viewers into clients.


  10. There are Several Roofing Types to Choose From

    August 11, 2014 by Chelsie

    Choosing what type of new roof is the best option for your home style and structure can be overwhelming, but if you’re going to put all that work into getting your roof repaired or replaced, you might as well put some time into making it look nice too.
    Asphalt shingles are the standard three-tab kind that you see most commonly, also known as composition shingles. They are made of fiberglass core or organic fiber mat mixed with asphalt and coated. Asphalt shingles are secured to your roof by using adhesive backing along with nails, and hold up well in all conditions when installed correctly. When taken care of, they can be guaranteed to last a minimum of 30 years and they usually come with manufacturer guarantees that support this claim. Despite their tried and true nature, the standard asphalt tires are becoming less and less common and are being replaced by architectural dimensional shingles. These kinds of shingles are likened to a thicker variation of the three-tab asphalt shingles, and they are laid in staggered rows. They also come in a wider selection of styles, textures, and colors. And though the architectural dimensional shingles can be just a fraction more expensive than the standard three-tabs, they often come with a 50 year guarantee. roofer
    Another option for a more unique-looking roof is wooden shingles or shakes, but such beauty comes with a certain price. Wooden shingles or shakes are considered to be quite pleasing to the eye, but they unfortunately are prone to weathering more frequently over time, causing them to become silver and pale. Because of their delicate nature and susceptibility to catch fire, many insurance companies and HOAs have been requiring that any wood shake roof be replaced with a less flammable option. These types of shingles also require more routine maintenance and can be costly to install. But when done properly, a wooden shingle or shake roof can look beautiful and stay strong for several decades.
    The last common option for your roofing type is slate or tile. Tile has great durability and it easy to take care of. In the same regard, concrete tiles also provide good protection and can withstand sustained wind gusts of up to 150 miles per hour! Both slate and tile shingles have been used for decades, but both have quite a lot of weight and thus need to be reinforced. Because of their weight and difficulty of installation, they can often be an expensive option. However, concrete, slate, tile, and clay roofing can look amazing with any style of home.
    All of these styles are available when you choose Core Contractors as your roofing company. They carry expertise in installation and maintenance of countless options of shingles, and in addition they offer repair and installation of siding and windows. Core Contractors also specialize in full restoration service and new roof construction, and they have years of experience working side-by-side with insurance carriers. Whether you need a small roof repair on a single-family home or large new construction on a housing complex, they are the professionals for the job.