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  1. Snatching-a-Steal: Diamonds for Cheap

    July 7, 2014 by Carol Vitagliano

    I have never been the biggest fan of over the top, big diamond rings for engagement rings or wedding bands but I do know that there are a number of women who dream and fantasize about this kind of stuff from the time they are a small girl. I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that we often give girls this Disney princess syndrome where they are more or less told that the biggest moment of their life is when their prince charming goes down on one knee and presents them with a diamond wedding rind as big as a coin.

    There is also this idea that at least subconsciously many people deal with that in one way or another the amount of money that is spent on the diamond wedding ring is proportional or representational of the amount of love that one partner has for the other.

    engagement ring Even if you are one of those people who do not think that the size of the ring has anything to do with how much one partner loves the other, the size and quality of the diamond ring is usually more than anything a factor of income and possibilities. If a man does not have a lot of money to throw down for an expensive diamond it can lead some women to have thoughts about his ability to be a provider. At this point in time though, I think women should be much less concerned with the income of their partner than ever before. Women are no longer dependent solely on their husbands for the money for their food and shelter, most women work and are able to afford their own entertainment costs or shopping habit. If your future husband cannot or chooses not to buy an incredibly large and overpriced diamond wedding ring it is no reflection on him as a person or a prospective partner.

    So women, if for some reason you feel that it is important for any future husband of your to shell out the thousands of dollars for an over the top wedding ring that you will be proud to show off to all of your friends, that is fine, just think about what your reasons are for placing that kind of importance on such a trivial and inconsequential thing. If you are ok with the answers then that is fine, but do not set a high bar that can percent you from being with someone wonderful.

    Men, before you propose to any women, try to talk to her about her views and thoughts of diamond wedding rings, if she is even interested in diamonds or if she likes another kind of stone and if it is important for her to have something big and expensive or if she would rather the two of you spend that money on something more fun like a vacation. See if the two of you can find a compromise and a wedding ring that you can both be happy with and not have to go into debt over.

  2. Family Dentistry Plans that Include Teeth Whitening

    July 6, 2014 by Chelsie

    Coffee, wine, chocolate, fruit.  They are some of the best things in life, but the worst for our teeth.  Maybe it’s sad to say, but even if all of my teeth fall out I probably will never stop consuming these foods and drinks, especially the chocolate.  They’re all delicious and make us feel great, but over time they leave stains on our teeth that can only be taken care of with professional help.  To add to those factors, our teeth naturally become discolored or darkened with age, or can become darkened internally by changes in the enamel and dentin.

    Refresh Dental offers whitening procedures that work specifically on all of those different factors that cause tooth discoloration.  There are plenty of in-home whitening treatments out there today, and although they are convenient because they can be done anytime, they are less effective.  In-office whitening procedures can use stronger agents because your dentist can protect the rest of your mouth while using them.  Dentists use a protective gel coating that keeps the whitening agent away from your sensitive areas like gums and tongue, allowing it to work strongly on those darks spots and shading on your teeth.  These procedures are so effective that they can last a year or longer, and can be done in just one visit.  Your new whitened teeth will last even longer if you can avoid those stain creating foods and drinks like coffee and chocolate.  Good luck with that! dentistry

    So when was the last time you checked out the color of your teeth?  If you haven’t done it in a while, or really never notice at all, you might not see the changes that have happened over the years.  Look back at some old photographs of yourself when you were younger, I bet your teeth looked a lot whiter and brighter then.  Because we looking the mirror every day we get used to the color of our teeth and think that they have always been that way.  Now the whitening procedures used at most dentists’ offices are so commonplace that you can just add it on to the end of your next cleaning visit.  It doesn’t take much time at all and you can just have it done once a year or two years to keep your smile white.  It could even be whiter than it was when you were younger!

    It would be pretty hard for me to give up wine, chocolate, or my morning coffee.  So I think the next best option is to find a dentist near me that does whitening procedures.  Because it is so easy and so common, many dentists include whitening into your cleaning visit automatically – only if you want it, of course.  They can safely and effectively clean your teeth and make them look much brighter than when you arrived, all within an hour or two of your day.  Many dentists now also offer evening and weekend appointments so that you don’t have to take time away from work or school to get in to see your dentist.